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Welcome to NSOF Gaming 

In Early 2004 and couple of guys by the names of Snitch and Nasty decided to set up a small gaming Clan to cater for the casual Gamer. The game of choice was the birthstone of all Modern Day FPS, BF1942's MOD Desert Combat.

At the time we barely scraped together enough members to field a team in a GA ladder, but somehow with a bit of luck a competative side was born.
Our vision and our priorities were simple, to be a well respected clan within the gaming community by setting a good example of maturity, good conduct and sportsmanship while proving our worth on the battlefields.
As BF2 came into full swing we swelled our numbers and became a more competative side,  along with this greater community relations were formed  and the level of respect for the {=NSOF=} name grew. 
To keep this Clans name in good standing every member must abide by the rules set before them to honour and keep the well deserved {=NSOF=} tags clean.
After a many seasons of BF2 ladders, after wins and losses, members joining and members leaving, the NSOF name spead into other games and other ladders.
Prove ourselves on the battlefield and above all else live up to the name {=NSOF=}



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